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His best-known songs included 'Bohemian Rhapsody,' 'We Are the Champions,' and 'We Will Rock You.' Somebody to Love manages not only to chronicle the life and loves of one of rock's greatest stars with candor and great detail, it is also a compelling read. It puts the life and tragic early death of Freddie Mercury, due to AIDS-related causes, into the context of one of the worst health crises of the twentieth century. When Freddie Mercury died in 1991, aged just 45, the world was rocked by the vibrant and flamboyant star's tragic secret that he had been battling AIDS.

Nel 1970, insieme al chitarrista Brian May e al batterista Roger Meddows-Taylor, fondò i Queen, ai quali un anno più tardi si aggiunse il bassista John Deacon.Per il gruppo rock britannico, con cui restò fino alla ... Including interviews from Freddie Mercury's closest friends in the last years of his life, along with personal photographs, Somebody to Love is an authoritative biography of the great man. Here are previously unknown and startling facts about the singer and his life, moving detail on his lifelong search for love and personal fulfilment, and of course his tragic contraction of a then killer ... Somebody to Love: The Life, Death and Legacy of Freddie Mercury (English Edition) eBook: Richards, Matt, Langthorne, Mark: Kindle Store Biography.